This group is about the technologies and skills involved with programming the network. Aspects of software development, DevOps, Software Defined Networking, and Network Engineering are all brought together and create unique opportunities and challenges as the world switches from CLI’s to API’s.

About the Network Programmability User’s Group (NPUG)

At NPUG we’re all about programming the network, and we host both physical and virtual meetings on related topics. Technologies and concepts like automating routers, DevOps for networks, Python, SDN technologies, and fundamental skills like Linux and basic development are what we talk about. It’s an open group for anyone to join, and we try to stay vendor neutral.

Technologies we work with:

  • Python
  • Network Equipment
  • Linux
  • Git
  • OpenStack
  • Assorted API’s
  • IoT (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc)
  • DevOps concepts and tooling